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Our Work:
Beltrí Victor was born on April 16, 1862 in Tortosa (Tarragona). His father, José María Beltrí Belilla WAS sculpor, Reporter
Casa Cervantes
Musician y. His mother, Mari Carmen Roqueta stamens, the teacher was a sin. It had four siblings.
He was a important architec.He built a lot of buildings.His education was ecleptic.He traveled to cartagena in 1895 cuando tenía 33 años.
The 650 buildings built in Cartagena, including: La Casa de Cervantes, El Casino de Cartagena, El Palacio Aguirre, etc.
He taught drawing in the collage Industry.
It was the best representative of modernism in Murcia.

Palacio Aguirre

Working with "great artists who finished their buildings as painters and potters.
His wife was Maria Teresa Zalletti Villaseca and had four sons and daughters.
This killed on February 4, 1935 in Cartagena (Murcia).


cartagena casino

He had short,white hair.He had a sunglasses and a moustache white also.He was intelligent and old.