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- Patricia.M.


Our final work
-Anibal was born in 247 b.C in Cartago.His father's name was Amilcar Barca. Anibal's wife was Imilce.
-Anibal was the enemy of Rome. His brother Asdrubal Barca took the command of the trops in Spain. Anibal kept an army in Italy many time. He was a very important strategic military because he fought against Rome .He was very brave because he crossed the Alpes with 38 elephants and 60000 men, but he didn't manage to win Rome. In the second punitive war, Anibal was an active general. He defeated Rome.
-He died in 183 b.C in Bitinia.


Anibal's description

He had brown eyes and short,brown hair.
He was very intelligent and a little ugly.
He was strong
He had a brown beard.