Gašpar Fejerpataky Belopotocký

1st January 1794 in Paludza
15th May 1874 in Lipt . Mikuláš

G . F. Belopotocký is a prominent person of cultural life in the Liptov region . He was an active participant of the Slovak National Movement .He worked as bookbinder , bookseller and publisher .
He came to Mikuláš in 1821 and settled here . In 1829 , 1st November he opened the first public library in Slovakia . It exists nowadays .It is the oldest library in our country .This town´s library was named after him . A year later , in 1830 , he established the first Slovak amateur theatre .He also directed the plays . The show of amateur theatres takes place in Lipt. Mikuláš every two years .
He is buried in Vrbica Cemetery - it is a place of the last rest of people close connected to Lipt . Mikuláš .
There is a sandstone statue near St. Nicolas Church . ​Some places in Liptovský Mikuláš are named after G. F . Belopotocký - the town´s library , the
street and a park too.