28th June 1905 in Vrbica , Liptovský Mikuláš
5th August 1964 in Bratislava

She was a famous Slovak poet , dramatist and translator . She was a sister of Slovak writer Martin Rázus .

She was born in a family of farmer . She studied in Vrbica and in Prešov . She was a teacher in Dolné Sŕnie , Bratislava and in Martin . She had health problems , she had to stop teaching . She worked as a journalist in magazines Dobré slovo / Good word / and in Časopis / Magazine / for children .
Then she did literary work / poesie , prose for children / and translated from Russian and French . Later , she moved to Bratislava , when she died in 1964 . She is buried at Vrbica cemetery .



18th October 1888 in Liptovský Mikuláš
8th August 1937 in Brezno

He was an evangelical priest , poet , dramatist , publisher , politician . He was a brother of Mária Rázusová - Martáková .

He studied in Mikuláš , Kežmarok , Bratislava , later he continued his studies abroad - in Edinburgh , Scotland . He worked in Modra , Pribylina . He was a priest in Brezno where he died . He is buried in Banská Bystrica .
He wrote poetry , dramas, prose , essays . He is famous for his two works for children - Maroško and Maroško študuje . He was a politician , too . He was a Member of Parliament as a member of Slovak National Partie till his death .