Peter Michal Bohúň

*29.9.1822 Veličná, Slovakia Peter_Michal_Bohúň_čb.jpg
+20.5.1879 Bielsko - Biała, Poland

Studies: School in Gemer, 1836 - 1841 Lyceum in Levoča, 1841 -1843 legal course to high school in Kežmarok , 1843 -1845 preparation for Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, in 1845 to study lithography F. Sulphur in Prague, 1846-1847 internal study by Ch. Ruben at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

In the years 1848 - 1854 he worked as a teacher in Lučivná, in years 1854 -1865 in Liptovský Mikuláš, in the years 1865 - 1879 Lipnik in Biala, Poland. In the years 1846 - 1847 continued a study of national costume and Orava Liptov. In 1848 created images of Slovaks from Trenčín, Stupava. From 1848 to 1854 he prevails
in the national phase, and Romantic portraits Hroboň, Francisci, Krčméry, Hrebenda etc. In the years 1859 - 1865 he made portraits of the bourgeoisie and society. His portrait is gradually distract from romantic and understanding, and is close to the realism and psychological understanding of the model. His artistic activity has been linked to the national revival. He became the founder of the internationally understood historical paintings.

Galéria_Petra_Michala_Bohúňa.jpegIn our city is a gallery named after Peter Michael Bohúň.Socha_Petra_Michala_Bohúňa.jpg

This is a statue of Peter Michael Bohúň situated on the bank of the Danube before the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava.