Juraj Jánošík

1688 - 1713

He was perhaps the most famous robber in all Old Hungary . He was born in 1688 in the north-western Slovak village of Terchová .

When he was 18 , he enlisted himself into the army of František Rákoczy . After its defeating he served as a guardian of the prisoners in the Castle of Bytča . He met a prisoner here , a robber captain Tomáš Uhorčík . Juraj´s parents later bought out their son from military service and he returned to his native village . He did not stay long because after Uhorčík escape from prison , he joined his band of outlaws . In 1712 Uhorčík got married and became an honourable citizen . Jánošík was elected the captain of robbers . In February 1713 he was captured . This time he did not escape from prison in the manor house of Vranovo ( today part of Liptovský Mikuláš ) as he had done before from the prison of Hrachov . And after a trial and torture he was executed in Mikuláš on 18 March 1713 . He was hung to death by his ribcage . Several legends exist concerning the last moments of his life .

Nobody knows what else he would have been able to perperate if he had lived longer . In spite of this , Juraj Jánošík became Slovak national folk hero and a legend . He took rich people and gave it to pour people . There are a lot of literary , artistic and dramatic works about him .

Today Juraj Jánošík is commemorated by a statue built in 1985 . It is standing in front of the manor house .