Aurel Stodola
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Aurel Stodola was a great physicist, engineer, constructor, inventor, founder of the theory of steam and gas turbines.
He discovered a steam turnbine.
Our housing estate is named after him. Our school is situated on Nábrežie Aurela
Stodolu in Liptovský Mikuláš. He was born in Liptovský Mikuláš. In the evenings he liked listening to classical music,
particularly Beethoven’s music. He played the piano and he quite mastered it. The piano was a gift from his father
in childhood. He studied in Košice, Levoča, Budapest,
Zürich, Charlottenburg, Paris. He worked in Switzerland,
at University. Aurel Stodola was awarted by many prizes. Albert Einstein was one of his students. Aurel’s father
and uncle owned a small factory for the processing of leather. This factory had only thirty-five employees.
Aurel Stodola had a nephew. His name is Ivan Stodola. Ivan Stodola was a Slovak dramatist and a writer,
but his first job was a doctor.
We want you to learn something about Aurel Stodola, Slovak famous scientist.